CelebProtect was born in 2020 from the increasing popularity of the Social Media Celebrity. Cybercriminals and other malicious threat actors are turning to social media as a simple method of social engineering for a variety of illegal and malicious purposes. Such fake accounts can be up and running in very little time, and an appealing offer, made from an imposter social media account, can create heavy traffic, and severe brand damage, very quickly.

Fake social media profiles are used to:

  Impersonate the Celebrity/VIP and illegally pretend to be them.

  Gain followers from unsuspecting fans who think they are following the real Celebrity.

  Connect with the victims audience and followers.

  Obtain information from followers illegally thinking they are engaged with the actual Celebrity.

  Extort money from the victims audience illegally.

Deliberately damage the image , reputation and brand of the Celebrity being impersonated.



Don’t be caught out by cybercriminals exploiting you and your brand . CelebProtect provides a comprehensive solution to detect and monitor hundreds of popular social media platforms for cases of impersonation of our clients’ brands.

Our monitoring and detection service alerts us to any potential social media impersonation and we provide industry-leading takedown times to remove any threats found.

For people like you in the public eye, whether you are a pop star, sports star, actor, insta model, influencer, youtuber etc you are going to need protecting – and Im not referring to a security guard!

You’re in the spotlight for a reason, you have worked hard to get where you are, your brand is your livelihood. It doesn’t take much for on small scam due to no fault of your own, for your reputation and income stream to disappear.

With the massive world of social media, and it’s day to day growth, it is near impossible for you to fend off brand insurgency and the collateral damage that comes with it.


If so, then need to keep your clients safe online

For those you represent, being in the public eye brings a lot of challenges. One of those challenges in this digital age we face is online fraud.

Your clients are in the spotlight for a reason. They have worked hard to build their brand use it as their lively hood. It doesn’t take much for one small slip up, by no fault of their own to have their reputation ruined over night.

With the never ending growth of social media platforms, it is near impossible for you or your team to fend off brand insurgency and the collateral damage that comes with it.

Khloe Terae

I find in my industry it’s flattering to be followed and have people inspired by how I look and take care of myself, but when people abuse this and use your name and image to outright impersonate you that crosses the line, and it continues to be a major problem. The risk with online impersonation is huge, and for me I have worked too hard to build my brand, so finding someone who can take care of this for me was such a large weight off my shoulders. CelebProtect found and has taken down nearly 100 Fake online Social Media accounts and continues to find new ones everyday. Scammers beware!

Crystal Hefner

I feel surprised and unnerved realizing how many fake accounts were floating around the internet impersonating me. I’m really grateful to not only have it brought to my attention but to have something actually be done about it by having them all removed by CelebProtect.

Corey Feldman

If anybody knows what it’s like to be a victim of cyber crimes it’s me, and I knew if I was gonna combat all the digital pirates (not the Baseball team) and trolls responsible for hacking my film and distributing it illegally, I needed the best in the world, so I was gonna fly all the way to Australia to meet the owner, but unfortunately due to COVID I had to accept a conference call, but they couldn’t have come along at a better time, i was in panic mode and as soon as I saw them in action I felt relief. Having Celeb Protect made me feel safer, like I suddenly had a batt to swing at all the balls they were throwing at me (The Pirates).

The Norris Nuts

Knowing people are pretending to be you and your family online is quite scary given the risks involved with this! New fake Social Media accounts impersonating our family keep appearing daily, as does the number of people selling fake merchandise with our Trademarked brands and logos. Luckily we found Fraudwatch International and they have a service called CelebProtect which has proven to be the best insurance policy we could wish for. The CelebProtect service finds the fake stuff, they assess and they takedown any fake accounts or articles where our brand is being impersonated or misrepresented without authorisation. Massive help to us to keep doing what we love doing and not get slammed by fake stuff.