2 Main Risks of Cyber Threats to Your Online Brand

by | Apr 12, 2021

When developing your online brand, the Internet continues to be a huge part of your daily life, especially when communicating with supporters and shareholders. You are also expected to maintain your strong online presence to ensure your benefactors can access your services and the latest happenings, such as webinars and donation drives. The problem is since a lot of riding on your prominence online, even one cyber threat can put your whole operations at risk.


This article will discuss cyber threats by looking into the two common ones associated with online brands. Take this as an opportunity to ensure your operations can still continue despite the challenges. This way, you can make a difference in your chosen industry while meeting your goals and expectations.


1. Financial losses due to phishing and lengthy investigations


You may already know that since most banks and other payment gateways use online transactions, it’s easy to infiltrate them and redirect them to another account. In other words, money that should go to your organisation is stolen by experienced hackers. While these cyber attacks are highly possible, that’s not the only kind of financial loss you can expect.

Since cybercrimes are not something you can easily solve due to lack of leads and inexperience in post-breach forensics, your organisation will need to spend more for an investigation. If the hackers also accessed crucial data from you, you incur more losses due to downtime since you may need the stolen information to operate properly. You also must spend on public relations to inform all affected parties and practice transparency and trust as a reputable organisation.

Because of these costly mistakes, it would be best to have strong cybersecurity protocols in place to avoid attacks from happening. For instance, if you have cyber threat intelligence tools, you can find ways to trace the discrepancies and apprehend the hacker. This way, you can safeguard your finances, daily operations, and good reputation.


2. Legal issues due to unethical practices


Data privacy and online welfare are becoming concerns among the general public. Because of this, your organisation has to be careful when disclosing sensitive information to various professionals and groups.

Nowadays, even the smallest loophole can be used against you since it’s highly possible to impersonate others, collect data, and use it to gain unauthorised access to financial assets, trade secrets, and more. In effect, you can become part of legal investigations, which can put your online brand image at risk.

One popular practice most hackers do is they cover their tracks to make it look like the act was either self-perpetuated or an unethical practice linked to others. It may even be associated with you, causing you to be at the mercy of the law. Worse, even if you say you are innocent, you can have stacks of compelling evidence against you, which is strategically planted by hackers.

As a preventive measure, take advantage of cybersecurity features that can process threat feeds to prevent even the tiniest of data from being used against your online brand. This way, your legal record is kept clean, and you can maintain your professional relationships.

 All online brands and presence are in danger of getting into cyber attacks. The good news is if you have strong cybersecurity measures in place, you can have peace of mind knowing hackers can’t touch you. Enhance your online presence by having the proper safety measures and tools today!


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