3 Key Cyber Intelligence Threats. Our Guide

by | Jul 27, 2021

Keeping your brand safe from cyber threats is a lot like Sisyphus’s story because of how difficult it is to stay on top of things. When dealing with hackers that continuously evolve in terms of how they attack, cybersecurity becomes frustrating because of how quickly they can close the gap. You may find yourself in a position where you’re dedicating more time gauging, anticipating, and preparing your efforts as a means to outsmart hackers.


However, staying a few steps ahead of the competition doesn’t necessarily need to be painstakingly difficult or time-consuming. This is where brand protection comes in.


Three Types of Cyber Intelligence Your Business Can Use


Cyber intelligence is one of the most effective cybersecurity tools that businesses can use to be prepared and well-aware once a threat springs to life and poses a serious risk.


Hackers have the reputation of being unseen enemies that you only spot once it’s too late. However, cyber intelligence allows anyone to quickly identify and prepare for their attacks long before damage occurs. Through this key practice, you’ll be able to identify signals and critical insights on protecting your business while answering these crucial questions:


  • Who are the hackers?
  • Why are you on their target list?
  • What is their motive?
  • When do they plan to strike?
  • How will they do it?


Cyber intelligence is effective at protecting your business on a digital level because you can analyse intel across three lenses: strategic, management, and tactical. Let’s go over all three in further detail:


PREPARATION: Strategic cyber intelligence


Through strategic cyber intelligence, businesses have a tool that seeks to understand their digital adversaries, their motives and intentions, and the potential impact they can have. This key lens will allow you to answer one question as best as possible: do you have the correct information and insights to evaluate cyber risk?


Through the help of this specific aspect of cyber intelligence, you’ll be able to:


  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of emerging external threats (alongside their impact on your business continuity)
  • Develop a degree of awareness over critical assets and prioritising their value to your organisation
  • Develop an ability to identify confidentiality, integrity, and availability risks to your data and systems
  • The level of cybersecurity risk that your organisation is currently operating in


RATIONALISATION: Management cyber intelligence


Management intelligence provides critical insight on whether you’re adequately prepared for a cyber attack. Through this process, you can understand which of your items, data, and assets are of interest to hackers while knowing which of your core processes protect them.


ACTION: Tactical cyber intelligence


If the previous actions were considered preparation and rationalisation, tactical cyber intelligence has you covered when taking action against cyber threats.


You can drive your security controls more effectively by gathering intel on the latest cyber-attack methods, tools, and techniques so you can counteract them. Once you start practicing the tactical side of things, you’ll be able to re-evaluate your cybersecurity methods and invest in solutions before it’s too late. One such worthy investment is our Cyber Security Awareness Training!




Through a well-rounded cyber intelligence approach, you’ll have everything you need to undertake the necessary preparation, rationalisation, and action to stay safe. Once you start using these three key lenses to your advantage, you’ll be able to protect your business against anything that may put it in jeopardy!


CelebProtect is a brand protection company that specialises in helping businesses, actors and influencers all over the world with our anti-phishing, anti-piracy solutions, and cyber-attack prevention services. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help keep your business safe online!

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