5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Brand from Cyber Attacks

by | Apr 12, 2021

In recent years, the number of data breaches made against businesses of all types and sizes has grown exponentially, that one could say any business is at risk of cyber-attack. In fact, hackers have gotten more and more creative with the way they attack and destroy brands. Many of them work by spreading wrong information, conducting phishing attacks, or misrepresenting brands.

If you think these malicious acts can’t possibly be done to you, you are mistaken. Make sure that you implement these five cyber-attack prevention steps to avoid the costly damages these attacks can do to your business:


1. Make Sure Employees Are Educated About This Issue and Control Their Access

Keep in mind that your biggest weakness may be your people who are not that knowledgeable about these cyber threats. Remember that lack of education can result in irresponsible behavior. They may not have wrong intentions, but they could misuse their credentials and expose your business to countless cyber-attacks. It will benefit you a lot if everyone knows how to detect these threats and if they know how to double-check all the content they access, especially if they’re using the company’s resources.


 2. Always Update Your Software

Sure, seeing those pop-ups reminding you of a software update can get annoying, but they’re there for a reason. Those software updates actually serve as a defense line against attacks because they often come with solutions for vulnerabilities in the previous version.


3. Be Careful How and Where You Store All Your Data

One of the biggest challenges companies face is ensuring that all sensitive information, especially those of their customers, are stored and protected against attacks. There are a few approaches to this, and you should carefully choose one depending on your needs.

You can store data on physical servers found within your premises or store data on physical servers in centers that are shared with other businesses. There’s also the option to store data in either private or public cloud. You may use one or more of these storage options or base your decision on the sensitivity of the data you are storing.


4. Track Suspicious Web Visitors

One of the best ways to check who’s on your website and what they are doing there is by using categorisation tools. For instance, there are domain name monitoring solutions that allow you to carefully analyse every web visitor and spot any malicious actions done on your website. These tools can warn you early on if there are any indications that your security is being compromised. They can then investigate the credentials and activities of the domain and blacklist them so that they can’t visit your website again!


5. Come Up with a Solid Crisis Plan

Not many companies have a crisis plan that they can implement in case cyber brand abuse happens. It is important that you have one, though, so you know what steps you should take to prevent further damage should it happen to your business.

Your plan should include:

  • Determining security breaches
  • Having an attack response team
  • Implementing a crisis protocol with a precise chain of action your employees can follow
  • Updating and testing those protocols



Having an active defense strategy is the best way you can avoid cyberattacks. You can’t just wait for an attack and then address it at that moment. It’s better if you are one step ahead of those malicious hackers so that you won’t have to deal with the consequences of having your data compromised. As such, you need the help of cyber intelligence analysts who can provide you with a concrete and effective plan on how you can prevent cyberattacks!

CelebProtect is among the most reputable brand protection companies that can help protect your business from any kind of cyber-attack. Get in touch with us today to know more about how we can keep you safe online!


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