5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation – Our Guide

by | Feb 11, 2021

There is nothing more alarming than getting your online reputation impacted negatively.  The chances are that online crooks try to taint your brand or perform some fraudulent activities in various online channels. Whether on your website, social media, or other digital platforms, your business is vulnerable to these cyber-attacks if you leave it unprotected.  The best course of action is to manage your online reputation and set proper measures in place.


In this article, we’ll share five effective ways to protect your business’s online reputation:


1. Establish proactive measures

As with any case, prevention is always better than cure, and this applies to your online reputation management as well.  When it comes to this, the best way to proceed it set proactive measures in place.  These measures include boosting your site security, using software against cyber-attacks, optimising your channel’s security settings, and having constant monitoring. With all these in place, you’ll prevent your brand from being used and abused negatively.


2. Have early detection and act promptly

Preparation for what lies ahead is the key, and this also applies to your online reputation management.  It’s wise to be always ready for potential cyber-attacks that might ruin your brand image and know exactly what to do before they happen.  While you’re at it, have early detection protocols of possible attacks and act immediately to counter them.  That way, you’ll immediately address the problems before they escalate and ruin your business’s reputation.


3. Regularly monitor your social media

Remember that you must not neglect your business’s social media channels.  Whether Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube, these are the most vulnerable digital platforms.  The worst thing is that these channels are where people live and breathe, so it’s easy for your brand to get attacked and tainted.  The best measure is to monitor them regularly and be sure to respond to queries, address customer concerns, and resolve issues promptly.


4. Track your affiliate and reseller channels

Know that resellers and affiliates help boost your business profit by driving new customers through a ripple sales and marketing effect.  However, the problem is that when both channels are affected, that might impact your business as well.  For instance, affiliates and resellers might lose sight of bidding branded keywords that will pull traffic intended for your business away from you. It’s best to have a clear policy such as using branded keywords that they must understand and comply with so that there is no conflict of interest.


5. Lock your valuable domains at the registry level

Keep in mind that your site domains are the most vulnerable to domain name hijackings, social engineering attacks, and other security breaches.  For this reason, you must identify your most valuable names and lock them at the registry level. That way, you’ll protect them and not risk compromising your brand.



At this point, you now know how to manage and protect the online reputation of your business.  As discussed above, be sure to establish proactive measures, have early detection and act promptly, monitor your social media regularly, track your affiliate and reseller channels, and lock your valuable domains at the registry level.  With all these in place, you’ll protect your business name and uphold its good image and reputation at all times!


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