5 Practical Tips To Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

by | May 20, 2021

As cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication and severity, businesses and organisations from all around the world are trying their best to keep up in defending themselves against distributed attacks. To offset the risk of large-scale security breaches, companies are now utilising new tools as a form of protection against phishing, hacking, theft, data breaches, and cyber fraud. But how exactly can you protect your company from such attacks? This simple guide should help you protect yourself and mitigate cyber threats.


Note Unusual Password Activity


If an employee gets locked out of your system or receives an email stating that their password has been changed, there’s a possibility that the password has been compromised. This is especially true if they are positive that they did not recently initiate a password change. As a security measure, all employees need to create strong passwords for their emails and their network logins. It’s also considered best practice to update these passwords at least every two months.


Identify Suspicious Pop-Ups


In every business, increased security awareness is a must if you and your employees want to enjoy safe web browsing. If you see any pop-up windows or floating ads, it’s best to avoid clicking them, even to close them. These unknown pop-ups could be infected by a host of malicious software that can easily target and compromise your network.


Identify Mysterious Emails


Email phishing refers to a method used by malicious attackers to access sensitive business information by pretending to be a trusted organisation or website. Nowadays, these attempts are growing in number, and you need some form of protection against phishing, so you don’t put your business and your data at risk.


The simplest form of protection is to educate yourselves, including your employees, on safe email protocols. They should be careful when clicking on online links from unknown or opening email attachments. Lastly, do not respond to such messages as it would only lead to further attacks.


Report a Slower-Than-Normal Network


One of the earliest signs of a hacking attempt or a malware outbreak is fluctuations or spikes in your network’s traffic. This can effectively result in reduced internet speeds. If you or any of your employees notice these spikes, they should immediately inform your IT security department so they can run some diagnostic tests on your network.


Get Advanced Threat Protection


Keeping your operating system, antivirus software, and other tools up-to-date is always a requirement for any business. But more than that, you should consider getting advanced threat protection from a reliable cyber security firm. It’s always better to have added layers of security on your network to make sure you are well protected from any and all manner of attacks. From firewalls and antivirus programs to specialist security teams dedicated to ensuring the safety of your data, every business needs the highest level of protection at all times.


In the wake of the numerous cyber attacks experienced by even some of the biggest companies in the industry, the issue of cyber security is once again at the forefront of our minds. This guide contains practical tips that should contribute to an added layer of security for your organisation.


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