-Then you need to keep your clients safe online

For those you represent, being in the public eye brings a lot of challenges.  One of those challenges in this digital age we face is online fraud.

Your clients are in the spotlight for a reason.  They have worked hard to build their brand and use it as their livelihood.  It doesn’t take much for one small slip up, by no fault of their own to have their reputation ruined over night.

With the never ending growth of social media platforms, it is near impossible for you or your team to fend off brand insurgency and the collateral damage that comes with it.

How we protect your client?

Our CelebProtect service provides a comprehensive detection, assessment and remove capability to protect your clients brand online.

Our base service includes coverage across the social media networks and depending on what type of market your client is in, we have add-on services to help deal with things such as fake merchandise, fake ticket sales, fake search results and paid ads.

Our 24x7x365 Service Operations Centre will keep your clients’ brand safe against cyber threats.



Social Media Impersonation
Fake Fan Pages and Websites
Fake Paid Ads
False Affiliation
Brand Reputation Damage
24-Hour Detection Cycle