Different Types of Cyber Crimes

by | Jul 15, 2021

There are different types of cybercrime that black hat hackers engage in and factors that contribute to the strategies they choose, like the level of their technical skill and even their socio-economic status. It is a given that for someone to commit a cybercrime, they need to have technical expertise.


It might be the differences in skills that significantly separates scammers from malware writers and others. To help you have a better understanding of cybercrime, CelebProtect, experts in cybersecurity monitoring and attack prevention, talk about some of the most common types of cybercrimes that you need to be aware of as a business owner:


Online Piracy


Online piracy is all about copying and reproducing copyrighted materials for the purpose of selling or sharing them for free illegally. Some of the most pirated materials include movies, music, books, and video games.


In the United States, this is considered an infringement on the DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. The reason piracy is so prevalent is that the act itself is not that hard to do and most people with even the most basic technical skills can do it. However, the challenge for these cybercriminals is finding torrent sites that cannot infect their computers and of course, staying under the radar so they won’t be fined and shut down by the authorities.


Malware or PUP Writing


In contrast to online piracy, writing programs that contain malicious code needs a significantly higher level of tech know-how. Remember that some of these programs are intended to find vulnerabilities in some software and exploit them or to make ransomware that can encrypt a particular system’s files, keeping them hostage until the owner gives the criminals what they demand.


There are also those crimes of sneaking extra boxes into end-user license agreements

and creating search bars in certain websites to direct users to other pages without their knowing.


A lot of malware creation can now be done easier as there are already pre-written codes and scripts that one can buy if they want to do some hacking. You might be surprised that malware creation is now included in some professionals’ services and is actually one of the most profitable types of cybercrime. What happens is that black hats create the codes then sell them to other criminals to enhance the latter’s attacks.




Also called fraud or extortion, scamming doesn’t require much tech skills but more knowledge on social manipulation strategies like how to exploit people’s carelessness and trusting nature. Most of the scamming that’s done in the cyberworld involves phishing and stealing people’s credentials, including their usernames and passwords. They also focus on the more vulnerable like the elderly, people with disabilities or those who are mentally ill.


In this particular category, it must be socio-economics that play the biggest role. There are many illegal call centers set up in some parts of the country and even in some third-world countries where most people live in poverty. Yes, the idea of working to do such fraudulent activities is vile but for some of their employees, it’s just one way to put food on their table.


Cyberterrorism or Espionage


Now here’s the type of cybercrime that requires the highest level of hacking knowledge like knowing how to reverse engineer military-levels of encryption. Sometimes, when cybercriminals become really good at what they do, they’re recruited by what’s considered the big guns (even those from the governments) to join their cyber warfare against the enemies. Of course, there are those that get hired by private companies to handle their security.




These are just some of the many cybercrimes that you could fall victim to, if you are not doing any cyberattack prevention measures for your business. You might not know it but your data and that of your customers could be vulnerable right now and you wouldn’t want to deal with the consequences of that.


CelebProtect can provide you with reliable brand protection so you can keep your business and your clients protected from any cyberattack at all times. Contact us today to know how we can keep your brand safe!


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