How to Protect Your Brand Against Phishing

by | Aug 23, 2021

Phishing attacks are one of the most common threats businesses and brands face today, and while it seems less refined compared to other security challenges, it can put your company at risk of losing sensitive information. From passwords, credit cards, and other confidential data, having valuable information get stolen can be an expensive and reputation-damaging problem.


How Can Phishing Attacks Hurt Your Brand?


Cybercriminals who phish for information can get away with it by posing as legitimate individuals so they can attack in the following ways:


  • Tech Support Phishing Scams – phishing attackers hide behind an authoritative name and suggest your computer has malware. Instead, they inject the malware into your system if your company falls victim by installing their suggested “remote access software” as a fake fix.
  • Clone Phishing Scams – this is when phishing experts can recreate legitimate emails you exchanged from reputable sources so they can easily trick you into sharing sensitive information.
  • Spear Phishing Scams – phishing attackers typically target employees within a company to scam them into sharing details that can lend legitimacy to the fake emails they’re trying to create.
  • Whale Phishing Scams – on the opposite spectrum from spear phishing is whale phishing, which targets senior executives and other high-profile roles in your business.


How to Defend Your Business Against Phishing Attacks


Tip #1: Install a Security Software


The best way to strengthen your first line of defence against phishing attacks is to install security software. These antivirus programs help build firewalls that deter hackers from accessing your computer, filtering spam emails to prevent employees from browsing malicious websites.


Keeping your software updated ensures it can operate efficiently and effectively, especially since cybercriminals have the uncanny ability to find loopholes in your system. By updating your software regularly, the security patches reduce your chances of lowering your guard.


Tip #2: Educate and Train Employees About Online Scams


Phishers can worm their way into your sophisticated security system if they manage to scam your employees, so it’s important to protect your team by providing training activities so they can spot suspicious links, emails, or other scams. When they can identify phishing attacks, they can conduct the right response to avoid falling victim.


Tip #3: Encrypt Your Emails, Enforce Password Policies, and Use Multi-Factor Authentication


Fortify your defence against phishing attacks by encrypting your company email, so hackers will find it harder to access your information. Enforcing a strict password policy can also deter phishers from breaking into your system, while a multi-factor authentication can further act as a deterrent against phishing attacks.


The Bottom Line: Protecting Your Brand From Phishing Attacks


The digital world is full of wonders and opportunities for businesses, but it’s also rife with cybercriminals waiting to pounce on unsuspecting brands. Tech giants know the importance of having a dedicated digital security system in place since cyberattacks can be costly in more ways than one, leading to the death of an established company as one of its graver consequences.


With that in mind, it’s important to have a comprehensive digital security system in place so you can protect your business from threats like phishing scams.


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