How To Protect Your Brand from Data Breaches

by | Apr 29, 2021

For years, the list of worries that celebs and influencers have had to become more mindful of continues to grow because most are more vulnerable to various types of problems than ever.

With today’s world becoming more technologically dependent, the presence of the Internet has become a double-edged sword for celeb and online influencers of all types and sizes. While the web is valuable when it comes to working more efficiently and raking in more opportunities for profit, it’s also something that can become a point of concern the more you look into it. This is especially true when you start considering the heightened risk of experiencing data breaches.


The rise of data breaches

The risk of experiencing cyberattacks today is one possibility that no brand should ever look down on.

Data breaches have become one of the most common pitfalls that influencers and celebs experience because of the constantly growing level of dependence that many have on the Internet and technology to flourish. While innovation has brought many great things for ‘stars’looking to succeed and stand out, the silent cost of enhanced vulnerability poses a problem that can’t be ignored.

From a numerical perspective, the data and financial losses concerning cyberattacks are nothing short of troubling. At the current rate, data breaches are so widespread and common that they cost businesses approximately 600 billion dollars in damages each year. This equates to 1.64 billion dollars a day and 68.3 million dollars a minute. Indeed, this clearly establishes breaches as a costly issue that any business with computers and a localised server has the right to worry about.


How do you equip your businesses better to combat data breaches?

 When it comes to keeping your brand as safe as possible from the risks of data breaches while using the Internet to its full potential, there are a few best practices worth taking note of. If you want to ensure that you stay on top of constant threats that can cost your brand lots of money and hold its progress back, here are some key tips you to protect yourself:


Prepare with the right type of training

 If there’s anything you need to know about fighting data breaches and preventing them at all costs, it’s that it all begins with the people that manage and access your brand. By investing in courses and seminars that help equip your assistance with the necessary cybersecurity practices they need, you can minimise your brands risk of exposure to persistent threats on all levels.


Invest in reliable cyber threat intelligence

One of the most effective ways to counteract the risks of data breaches is to stay ahead by harnessing the right intelligence to take the right steps moving forward. This is where cyber threat intelligence comes into the picture.


Similar to how military personnel use data and intel to counteract a threat, cyber threat intelligence helps any organisation and brand become more mindful of rising issues. By using the services of an expert like CelebProtect to help supply your or assistance with the necessary data it needs to maintain a proactive form of protection, you’ll be able to prevent data breaches at all costs!


While there are many problems that your brand needs to worry about as it strives for more progress and growth, no crisis presents itself as a bigger threat than data breaches. Through this guide’s help and the key tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to provide your brand with the advantage it needs to remain productive while circumventing every roadblock along the way!


We’re a global brand protection company based in Australia that specialises in helping brands with our anti-phishing, anti-piracy solutions, and cyber-attack prevention services. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help keep your business safe online!

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