How to Protect Your Brand from Social Media Impersonation

by | Mar 10, 2021

Social media has become a large part of our lives since its beginning. Many people rely on these platforms to connect with their loved ones and with brands as well. For brands, social media allows them to promote their brand directly to customers to increase their profit. However, with this convenience, the Internet has also become a dangerous place because of the cyber crimes happening left and right. Today, social media can be used to impersonate a brand and this can damage a brand’s reputation that could be detrimental to business.


Social Media Brand Impersonation

Different forms of impersonation occur on social media, one of which is direct impersonation, referred to as brandjacking. Since social media is infamous as a highly-accessible platform, anyone can easily enter its space. Direct impersonation happens through the creation of fake accounts that bear the name of popular brands. With that, these cybercriminals will do everything in their power to make the account look legit to gain the trust of unsuspecting users.


Another form is through misleading brand mentions, where a cybercriminal would claim that a product, message, or a URL is linked to a trusted brand when, in reality, it’s not. In this case, cybercriminals will drop names of trusted individuals or brands on social media posts to sell products or services, damage a reputation, or spread malware.


The last form of social media impersonation is the sale of counterfeit goods or services. Cybercriminals would use various platforms for advertising and selling counterfeit goods and services. They will then use real product images and even create websites and other social accounts to look more legitimate to the audience.


What Can You Do About It

Unfortunately, social media brand impersonation is prevalent in today’s digital era, and it’s not going to go anytime soon. In fact, even providers struggle to put a stop to this. Because of this, what can you do to defend and protect your brand from impersonation on social platforms?


The first and most effective step is to monitor the Internet for impersonation or counterfeits. In other words, just monitor everything that has to do with your brand online, such as brand mentions, so you can detect unwanted activity early on. However, keep in mind that monitoring this will take a specialised approach.


The second method is to communicate well with your customers and your team by having a safety policy on your social media accounts. Additionally, you can communicate visually by keeping your branding elements consistent on all channels. When you do so, it will allow customers to spot counterfeit brands easily.


Third, you can even invest in better security strategies and systems. For example, you should create strong passwords for your social media accounts and keep a list of the people who have access to those accounts. Likewise, make sure to update passwords when there are changes in your staffing so that your information will remain secure.



At this point, you now realise that social media has grown exponentially over the past years, and it’s difficult not to be on any of these platforms. You will need it as a brand, but you also need to be extra careful when you’re out there. There are many impostors, and you should protect your brand by utilising the tips we’re shared above. Also, investing in a reliable security system can help protect your brand on social media platforms.


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