“I won’t be a rockstar. I will be a legend”. No truer word spoken than by the great Freddie Mercury.

If there is ever an industry that is held in such godlike regard it’s the Rockstar! Musician or singer it doesn’t matter. We watch them perform on stage with lights and costumes and are transformed to another place and perhaps time. We scream and yell and sing along to our favourite songs and experience something away from normality for just a few hours…. then we go home and continue that feeling with their music blasting from our speakers or more likely EarPods!

Online Social Media presence via youtube, facebook, Instagram etc play a huge part in complimenting the onstage brands that musicians represent. These forums are instrumental (excuse the pun) in attracting huge global followers and audiences which we all know are so important for cross promotion for selling and streaming their music, their merchandise and ticket sales. Record labels incorporate total talent value in Social Media followings as these are all measurable, it is an invaluable part of promoting their signed talent.

Unlike actors and influencers, the musician plays a part in creating their brand by using a persona onstage and generally will carry this persona off stage with them also. We have all heard of the term Diva? We aren’t only talking their onstage antics, this is them – this is their life.

But in saying that it doesn’t mean that a musician is less likely to be affected or damaged by cybercrime. Infact, it was reported by ‘Digital Music News’ that in 2017 there were over 5 million fake tickets sold that year and another source states around 12 percent of people buying concert tickets get scammed.

Tickets scams are not all a musician needs to be worried about:

  • Fake promotion of products
  • Fake merchandise using their identity but unauthorised
  • Fake fan pages and websites
  • Fake paid ads
  • Stay one step ahead of the cybercriminals

With our 24×7 Security Operations Centre, we monitor and take down fake sites and monitor scams for your brand, band and business.

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