Reinforcing Brand Protection Through Cyber Intelligence

by | Aug 18, 2021

Imagine a mansion without any gate or door, nor any guard that will prevent burglars from coming in. The absence of security measures will most likely leave the house exposed to uninvited lurkers—and worse, be subjected to robbery.

The same thing can be said to businesses, especially those that have active online visibility. Without proper and optimum cyber intelligence, a good number of hackers might be lurking just right around the corners of your website.

With the ever-continuing and fast-paced shift seen in the digital landscape, businesses are constantly put at risk. The most detrimental of all are malicious third parties that heavily undermine businesses through data abuse, inflicting a harmful impact on a brand’s reputation for the years to come.  This then poses the question of why brands are commonly targeted.

Simply put, brands are the core of any venture and are representations of companies. They are considered the most crucial in commercial infrastructure, and therefore the most susceptible to hacking and malicious activities. Online threats that have long invaded cyberspace call for an immediate need to implement cybersecurity.

Fortunately, there are cybersecurity agencies, the likes of CelebProtect, that offer advanced threat intelligence. These solutions guarantee a safer working structure for businesses while negating harmful online activities such as:

#1: Brand Impersonation

As the term suggests, this method aims to duplicate or impersonate a well-established brand in pursuit of gathering confidential data. Commonly practiced by those searching for factual information, various digital means are utilised, such as social media, email, and websites, to target employees, management, and the baseline of businesses.

#2: Data Leakage

Most businesses require their customers to undergo online verification, which demands identity disclosure and evaluation. Personal data are then confidentially kept by enterprises in an agreement made under the company’s terms and conditions. But more often than not, personal information gets leaked, and customers point-blank blame the company.

While this may be considered utter negligence, inadequate security stands as the primary culprit. With weak security solutions, phishing and piracy become rampant, heavily harming businesses and customers.

#3: Ransomware and Reputation Damage

Ransomware attacks are another resort that cybercriminals use for their interest. The scheme was so heavily used that various U.S. institutions fell from its damaging implications. Considered as the most drastic, it then restricts operations and diminishes customer count. Worse, it subjects the company to multiple legal charges for failing to uphold customer confidentiality. This brings in another problem of a ruined reputation as customers opt out from trusting companies again.

CyberSecurity Threat Intelligence for Tighter Business Encryption

The persisting digital issues have brought in a chain of business problems, and they will continue to persist as long as companies tolerate them. Serving as an effective solution for this is cybersecurity threat intelligence, a toolkit platform generally used to minimise external risks that could erode business operation and reputation. More so, its proactive trait tightens a system’s defense mechanism, allowing businesses to build thicker security enforcements.

CelebProtect’s services render an all-encompassing intervention that leaves no corners of digital space unchecked.  Its scalable monitoring function enables companies to understand emerging and existing threats. It also conducts a series of tests that provide substantial contributions to the removal of risks.

More impressively, its comprehensive reports derived from meticulous analyses efficiently eradicate problems beforehand by providing the proper solutions to counter the issues.

Brand Protection goes a long way to reinforce your brand’s protection. By investing in CelebProtect’s advanced security solutions, you can be assured to take the best way for your brand. Reach us out today and start leading your company to success without unwanted lurkers.


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