Risk Assessment: Understanding Online Abuse Towards SMB’s

by | Sep 16, 2021

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are always at risk of being victims of cyber attacks and online brand abuse. There used to be a time when all they had to contend with were local thieves hoping to make an easy score out of their products and services.


These days, they also have to watch out for scammers online who are willing to go to great lengths just to get what they want illegally. Not only is this detrimental to the current state of their venture, but it may also hinder any further growth that may have been in line with their hard work.


If you have a small or medium-sized business of your own, you probably know how it feels to deal with these types of situations. Despite your focus and determination to set things straight, you are plagued with cyberattacks from all sides because you do not have the proper protection that big corporations have.


In that case, it would only be appropriate for you to familiarise yourself with the concept of cyberattacks and scams to learn how to better deal with them despite the size of your business.


The Risk Would Come From an Unexpected Source


Business owners often assume that cyberattacks and online brand abuse are all about online criminals trying to access your passwords and getting away with your company assets. While that is also true for the most part, the usual cases are more sinister and subtle.


Many scammers are all about doing business that may seem legitimate at first, baiting you to a great deal through their supposed high-quality goods, until you realise that all of that is nothing but a facade.


Most online frauds are also attributed to their fake products. They will contact you to convince you to become a distributor of their counterfeit products, often passed off as authentic. While you are investing in buying their goods, they will run away with your money. In the end, you will get the brunt of the blame from the customers as your company is at the forefront of the eCommerce page. It is a process akin to a heist movie, and the only winner at the end is the scammer who got away with it all.


Why Are SMBs More Vulnerable to These Types of Scams?


The truth may hurt, but we will have to say it anyway—it’s all about the money. Larger companies have the resources to hire cyber intelligence services to combat these criminals’ cyberattacks and fraud attempts. They may seem unnecessary at first until you realise that many established brands could save their assets throughout the years with the help of these experts.


Without this form of security, they would have been the victims of significant fraud, causing them to lose a lot of money in the process. As an SMB, you likely have no means to invest in comprehensive security measures just yet. Luckily, there are digital brand protection companies that cater their services to small and medium-sized businesses. You only have to do a bit of digging to find a formidable group that will do all the heavy lifting for you to maintain your brand’s integrity.



Online abuse towards SMBs is common nowadays due to the ingenuities of the internet that criminals often take advantage of. They would do this to get an easy score over unsuspecting business owners who may not be familiar with the risk of online scams.


In such a case, a digital brand protection company will lower the risk and safeguard all of the company’s essential assets. They will also detect a potentially complex negotiation that will put the brand at risk of being set up by a scammer. Investing in them as early as now will protect both your livelihood and the excellent reputation of your startup business as a whole.


Be protected against the risks of brand abuse with the help of our services here at CelebProtect. We are a digital brand protection company that specialises in protecting your venture from phishing, malware, social media scams, amongst other things. Contact us today to learn more!









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