CelebProtect detects and takes down impersonation profiles in your name. This includes individuals as well as business or brand profiles.

Don’t be caught out by cybercriminals exploiting you and your brand. CelebProtect provides a comprehensive solution to detect infringing profiles and take them down – From a one-off service through to a fully managed 12-month engagement, CelebProtect can protect you and take down fake accounts.

Fake Social Media profiles are used to impersonate the Celebrity/VIP or a business/brand and illegally pretend to be them in order to:

  • Gain followers from unsuspecting fans who think they are following the real Celebrity or business/brand.
  • Connect with the victim’s audience and followers.
  • Obtain information from followers illegally, thinking they are engaged with the actual Celebrity or business/brand.
  • Extort money from the victim’s audience illegally.
  • Deliberately damage the image, reputation and brand of the Celebrity or business/brand being impersonated.


Request Take Down Impersonation Profile
We will take down a profile from any Social Media Platform.
We will need a clear copy of your ID, and a photo of you holding your ID and a list of all legitimate profiles.

Social Media Impersonation Scan
We will perform a comprehensive scan of the following Social Media Platforms for impersonation accounts using your name or brand. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok.
We will need a list of your legitimate profiles on these platforms.

12-Month Fully Managed Monitoring & Takedown Service
We will perform regular scanning of Social Media Platforms to detect and take down impersonation accounts targeting your brand, before they become a nuisance.