Social Media Brand Protection: 3 Online Threats to Be Wary Of

by | Jan 15, 2021

Social media has become such a powerful digital platform over the past years. Not only does it allow you to interact on a personal level, but it also provides your brand with a channel to conduct business transactions online with your consumers. Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you can engage with your customers, transact business with them, and even go as far as building relationships with them.

While social media is a potent tool, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some drawbacks. One problem often encountered is how it can pose some menaces to your business brand. When you fail to protect your brand at all times, it may fall prey to various possible threats on social media.

In this article, we will share three potential threats to be wary of and how to protect your brand:


1. Phishing

Did you know that a company as big as Equifax recently had a data breach exposing 143 million American’s personal data? This goes to show how easy it is to create a phishing site these days. What more for your brand where your social media account can be quite vulnerable to phishing attacks?

As you may or may not be aware, it’s easy for online hackers and cybercriminals to target social media platforms to launch phishing campaigns. They do this by creating a fake channel to obtain personal data and financial information used for online scams and fraudulent activities. For this reason, you must hire an expert to check your accounts and track and report those fake sites.


2. Counterfeiting

The e-commerce business has come a long way to become a booming industry. Most consumers heavily rely on online stores to purchase goods or hire services. However, the problem starts when some online crooks create illegitimate websites and social media profiles to promote fake products. They are called counterfeiters, who emulate your brand as well as your products or services to reel in unsuspecting customers.

It’s imperative to hire a cybersecurity agency, such as CelebProtect, that can help monitor your social media accounts. At the same time, they can track fake profiles that mimic your brand and get profits from customers who were supposed to transact with you.


3. Cybersquatting

In social media, cybersquatters exist to stop businesses from spreading their brand voice and expanding their business. Even if the accounts are dormant, they can be reactivated and orchestrated to cause significant brand damage. For instance, some online crooks come up with usernames that are very similar to yours. As a result, this causes some confusion among your regular and potential customers, thinking that the actual business is a fraud.

Because of this, you must create a unique social media brand, have the right username, and protect your password. By doing so, you can avoid becoming a victim of cybersquatting that will compromise your brand on social media.


At this point, we’ve covered three potential threats on social media that you must be wary of—phishing, counterfeiting, and cybersquatting. To that end, be sure to set robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect your business on social media.

You can also consider hiring a reliable and experienced cybersecurity agency to ensure your social media protection. Ultimately, doing so will combat potential cyberattacks on your brand and prevent the loss of revenue, reputation, and customer trust for the good of your business.

Do you want to protect your brand from social media threats? We’re a brand protection company that can help protect your brand brand abuse on social media. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!


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