Social Media Impersonation. Everything You Need To Know

by | Jul 15, 2021

Your customer’s security is at the forefront of priorities when it comes to your business. Now that cyber scams like brand and social impersonation are at a high, it only makes sense that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your employees and clients are protected.


According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), millions of brands have encountered impersonation attacks and have pushed global losses upwards with up to $5.3 billion in losses. But how does social media impersonation work? It’s quite simple:


Cyber thieves steal your clients’ sensitive information and money by hacking into your website or company network. When this happens, this will ultimately impact your customer’s trust in your brand, putting adverse effects on your reputation and credibility.


With that being said, business leaders get cyber attack prevention services to ensure that their brand and clients’ data are safe and secured. Taking precautionary steps is vital to ensure that all sensitive data and finances are protected from cyber thieves and attacks.


What Is Social Media Impersonation?


Social media impersonation or identity theft in social networks happens when accounts use the name, image, and other identifying elements of a person, brand, or company for fraudulent reasons. These accounts differ from legitimate uses of a person or brand, such as fan accounts, criticism, information pages, and parodies.


With social media impersonation, scammers can use your brand for negative reasons, posing a significant risk to your business and customers. Besides that, lies and misleading information that these scammers spread can also affect a larger audience, ultimately putting your brand’s reputation at risk.


And worse, these scammers can trick individuals into sharing information that can lead them into stealing more sensitive personal data and even money.


The Different Types of Impersonation


  • Phishing: Phishing happens when cyber thieves impersonate a brand or its employees, seeking to obtain sensitive information from customers, such as passwords, bank details, and social security numbers.
  • Counterfeiting: Counterfeiting utilises fake pages of an brand to deceive customers into buying inauthentic products and services. Alongside phony web pages, they also operate with aggressive ad campaigns that target consumers to a different website where they can make unsecured transactions.
  • Fake News: This type of impersonation portrays themselves as celebrities, politicians, public institutions, or agencies, aiming to disclose misleading and false information and news.
  • Scams: Many scams on the internet shift in various forms, such as coupons, romance fraud, 491 scams, account takeover, and more. With that, they get to create a different person and identity and trick people into taking action that could affect their security and privacy.


How Do Impersonators Operate and How Do You Stop Them?


As mentioned earlier, impersonators can steal the identity of a brand or person, mimicking these public bodies and tricking people into sharing sensitive information. The impersonators often take the shape of support or customer service people since clients can easily provide information to these people.


Fortunately, there are accessible methods and software that could help counter social media impersonation in your company. However, getting credible digital security services is ideal to ensure that proper techniques are integrated into your brand to prevent these cyberattacks from happening.


The Bottom Line: Social Media Impersonation Is Prevalent in All Industries, so It’s Best to Take Action


You know what they say — the best cure for anything is prevention — and this also holds true with how your brand operates. It’s best not to wait for the worst to happen and take cyber attack prevention efforts seriously to ensure the security and privacy of your company, employees, and clients.


Working with a credible cybersecurity agency will do the trick, so you should work with the best one in the field.


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