We idiolise our sports stars, we put them on a pedestal, we applaud them, laude them, and put them up on our walls to inspire us and give us the will to one day be like them. But that was then – this digital age is now.

“I am the Greatest”. Maybe not all can be Muhammad Ali but they don’t have to be. In this digital age a sports star doesn’t have to be the greatest anymore. If they want to build a career beyond sport they need to be part of the digital age and have a strong online presence.

A sporting personalities online presence compliments the club, the clubs brand and the sport they are associated with. Sportspeople attract huge global followers which attracts individual brand endorsements driving big money. It helps drive membership to their clubs, it generates millions in merchandise to name a few benefits.

Once untouchable and mysterious, like most celebs, their lives beyond sport is up for scrutiny. We have seen the photos and heard the scandalous stories but that’s an issue for their agent. CelebProtect does it differently.


Damage to a sports persons brand is about impact on value and in turn earning potential. In the case of Sportspeople any personal brand damage also extends to include the sporting club and team and brand endorsement deals and all other stakeholders involved in the industry. This means loss of future earning potential, future career potential and ruined reputation.

We can’t guarantee a win on Saturday or a landslide victory over your opponent but what we can guarantee is 24x7x365 monitoring of your online presence against fake accounts, impersonation and unauthorized endorsements.

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