What would come to mind as a TV personality twenty years ago is far different than what a TV personality is in 2020. With the ‘advent’ of reality TV from ‘Big Brother’ to ‘Survivor’ we no longer associate a TV personality to someone in a soap opera or a paid actor on a TV series, rather someone that has applied, auditioned and won a part being themselves!

So when did ‘being yourself’ make you a celebrity or TV personality? Clever production companies knew that having everyday people in living rooms every night just watching what we all take for granted was going to have the public intrigued. With intrigue comes eyeballs watching, ratings sky rocketing and the ‘average Joe’ being scrutinised on their every move unscripted comes over night fame.

With this new found fame, some have gone on to accomplish paid jobs in advertising, television series, radio stars or just being themselves and creating content for us to watch via social media. This is big business!

But we must not forget our actors on TV that star in Soap Opera’s, Newsreaders, celebrity chefs, sports commentators, variety show hosts – the list is endless.

Online Social Media presence compliments the personal brand that a TV personality has created.  TV personalities have huge global followers and audiences that attract viewers to TV stations which they desperately need to gain.  These eyeballs that the TV personality attracts, in turn converts to advertising dollars that TV Networks use to command revenue.

Your brand is being damaged = loss of income

Damage to a TV personalities brand  impacts their value and in turn earning potential. In the case of a TV personality, any personal brand damage also extends to include the TV network they are signed to and brand endorsement deals they may have personally. Any brand damage to a TV personality can immediately impact the viewing audience and in turn this directly impacts advertising revenue and desire for brands to have an association with a Network which can be massive.


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