What is Digital Piracy? How to Protect Your Brand From It

by | Apr 7, 2021

Digital piracy is a global problem that has negatively impacted many individuals and businesses. Not only does it take advantage of the profits that were meant to be earned by a certain company, but it also puts this business at risk with low quality pirated products. This is why you must do what it takes to protect your business and your products or services.


In this article, we will share what you need to know about digital piracy and how to protect your business from it:


What is digital piracy?

Digital piracy refers to the illegal act of copying, reproducing, sharing, or selling digital content without the developers’ or owners’ permission. As the name suggests, the process is done through the web, where a digital copy is offered as a free download or sold for an unreasonably low price.

A perfect example is the sharing of music for free or the selling of reproduced software online. It is a violation of copyright laws, and in most countries, it is considered a crime, where the distributor or seller can be penalised.


How digital piracy affects the world

In this modern technological era, digital piracy must not be neglected. In fact, statistics revealed that the US has the most visits to piracy sites, where about 71,000 jobs are lost due to online piracy. Along with this is the fact that pirated videos get more than 230 billion views a year, and pornography is said to be the most pirated content. Another concern is that 16 percent of the software on personal computers is said to be unlicensed.

However, the problem is that 70 percent of online users find nothing wrong with online piracy. For this reason, as a business, you must have the initiative to take digital piracy seriously now more than ever.


How you can protect your business from digital piracy

If you want to protect your business from digital piracy, here are some critical steps to follow:


  • Copyright notice: Be sure to publish a copyright disclaimer on your website and content pieces indicating that digital piracy is prohibited and guilty parties will be penalised.


  • Entry barriers: While you want to make it easy for consumers to opt for legal alternatives, you want to make it hard for the pirates to reproduce your products by setting authorised access and restrictions.


  • Technology and operations: It’s best to invest in tools and technology that will allow you to monitor your products and track those who are looking to pirate your products. At the same time, be sure to set robust guidelines for your business operations to avoid products getting leaked or copied.


  • Education: Proper education is the key to combating online piracy. This means orienting your employees, customers, and other key stakeholders about digital piracy problems and how to avoid business losses.


  • Legal enforcement: The best way to stop online piracy activities in the future is to make online perpetrators legally liable. Make sure that they pay for violating your copyrights and stealing your products or services!



Digital piracy is a global problem that must not be taken for granted. As you don’t want your company to fall prey to it, consider all the key steps recommended above to set protection for your business. Ultimately, all these key steps will cripple those online perpetrators from further committing this illegal act and protect your business!


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