Why You Must Work With a Brand Protection Company to Combat Phishing

by | Apr 19, 2021

If there is anything a business never wants to face, it would be data breaches. Not only does it bring financial costs, but it can seriously hurt the company’s reputation, which consequently harms its ability to produce more revenue as well.


Fortunately, not all data breaches end with a company closing down—but it can if the company is not ready to fight back against such attacks. As such, implementing multiple layers of security and working with brand protection company is a must for those who have yet to secure their business against cyberattacks.


Among the various cyberattacks that a business can experience, phishing is one of the most common ones. It includes phishing emails attempting to steal information, money, and other sensitive data from companies for the benefit of ill-willed people. That being said, here is why you will want to invest in security to protect yourself from phishing attacks:


1. Your IT team will thank you for it

With bad security, your business servers and network will come under attack. When a breach occurs, the IT team will have to spend a lot of time assessing the damages, create reports, and write explanations of exactly what happened, why it happened, and how it happened. In other words, your or your IT team will be subject to the burden of having to deal with the data breach and the damages that follow. In some cases, they may even be blamed for the issue!

Working with a brand protection company, whether it be you or an IT team can get the help needed to quickly tackle the issues. It can save them a lot of time trying to discover what happened and how to fix it, and with the help of the agency, implement new solutions to make sure such issues do not occur as easily!


2. You can save a lot of time, money, effort, and reputation

After a phishing attack has occurred, your brand will have to spend a lot of time, money, and effort trying to fix the damages. Typically, with the help of your IT team, you will find yourself investigating the issue to see what caused the breach, determine the victims of such a breach, create an actionable response to the situation, and prepare documents to disclose what occurred to victims and other people. Other issues such as audits, defenses, compliances, and the likes are things you will need to account for, slowing your business down even more. All in all, you will find yourself subject to a lot of time focused on fixing the problem rather than running your business.


With a brand protection by your side, you will save a lot of trouble having to deal with the breach yourself. Their expertise—not to mention their access to the latest technology—can quickly help you process exactly what happened to get your business up and running smoothly once more.


In summary, a brand protection company can do wonders for your brand to combat all forms of cyberattacks. Even if you have a strong IT team by your side, third-party help can give them the edge needed to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals, keeping your business servers, networks, information, employees, and customers safe from any consequences as a result of a breach. When a breach does occur, such an agency will be able to implement actionable solutions to quickly get things under control, minimising losses to keep your business up and running!


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