Why you need to protect your brand on social media if you’re a celebrity

by | Oct 29, 2020

Social media is at the core of modern culture and its use in business has grown dramatically within recent years. Whether you’re an actor, music entertainer, social media influencer, sports personality or tv personality, an online social media presence via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter plays a huge role in complimenting, building and maintaining a celebrity brand.

But unfortunately, the widespread use of social media also provides great opportunities for cybercriminals to commit online fraud, impersonation and scams by exploiting celebrities, their brands, fans and followers, especially if these social media accounts are not protected or monitored.


What is the problem with celebrity fake accounts?

It has never been easier for cybercriminals to abuse the trust and credibility built by a celebrity, damage brand reputation, profit illegally and even target fans and followers with cyberattacks. Celebrity impostor scams come in many varieties, but they all work in the same way. Cybercriminals use social engineering techniques to target a celebrity’s followers, fans and customers for illegal purposes such as extorting money or share personal information.

These scams have the potential to cause severe harm and damage, not only for the celebrity but also for fans and followers, which ultimately will impact the celebrity’s value and earning potential. That’s why it’s important for celebrities to protect their brand on social media.


What can celebrities do about impersonation on social media?

Impersonation on social media isn’t going away.

Even the big social media platform providers are struggling to keep track of all the fake profiles floating around on their platforms. So, what can celebrities do to protect themselves and their fans?

In today’s digital world, there is no denying that celebrities need to protect and monitor their social media accounts from brand abuse and impersonation and make sure that these are detected and taken down whenever they arise.

If your brand is not protected or monitored on social media, you can potentially face the risk of cybercriminals exploiting you and your brand.


Unlike a traditional social media monitoring approach handled by a marketing team, CelebProtect offers a specialised proactive approach. We provide a comprehensive solution across hundreds of social media platforms where we monitor, detect and take down any impersonation attempts and threats 24×7, with industry-leading take downtimes.

As a celebrity, don’t get caught out by cybercriminals exploiting you, your brand and fans. Take control of your social media with CelebProtect. Contact us today to discuss how we can help keep your brand safe on social media.


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